A Truly Ontological Argument Acrylic on Aluminum Panel

12 x12 inches

Private Collection, USA

Mental time travel in food catching corvids

Watercolor and pencil on cotton paper

33×33 Inches


Amplification Practicing Polygamy with Good Taste- The Structure and Dynamics of Multiple Networks

Pencil, colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor on cotton paper

26 x 45 Inches

Molecular Probes of the Atmospheres of Cool Stars

Watercolor and pencil on Mulberry paper

26 x 45 Inches

The logic of position, the measure of leadership (Marie Antoinette)

Pastel, pencil, colored pencil and watercolor on cotton paper

19.75×23.5 Inches

Forcing with Random Variables

Pencil, watercolor & colored pencil on cotton paper 19.5 x 25 Inches

Size-Based Analysis of Food Web Structure

Pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor on cotton paper

35 x 45 Inches  



Frustrated Ferromagnetism: Spin-Ice in a Magnetic Field

Watercolor and pencil on mulberry paper

45 x 26 Inches  


Time, Colours, And Distance: Watching Molecules Become Solvated

Watercolor on paper

32 x 40 inches

Private Collection, UK