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Live Culture is a series of radio conversations about art and visual culture. The show airs on WPKN Bridgeport, 89.5 fm and online (live and archived) at the final Saturday of every month. It is also available as podcasts through the wpkn SoundCloud site, iTunes and stitcher. Sign up for the mailing list here. There is also a Facebook Page for the show here. 

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Live Culture, Episode 21: This Land Is Your Land

Original airdate November 2016.Guest: Mark D. Mitchell, the Holcombe T. Green Curator of American Paintings and Sculpture recorded at the Yale University Art Gallery during his exhibit  Yosemite: Exploring the Incomparable Valley. Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History and the 100th anniversary of the creation of America’s National Park ServiceYosemite: Exploring the Incomparable Valley considers one of the country’s most celebrated natural landmarks through the fields of both art and science. More here: and and

The episode features music clips by  composer Ryder McNair from the 2015 film Yosemite by Gabrielle Demeestere (more of Ryder’s music is here: plus song clips from  The National Parks and Yosemite.

Live Culture, Episode 20: Welcome to the Labyrinth

Original airdate October 2016.  This month is a live broadcast from the Erector Square weekend of City-Wide-Open-Studios, an annual event that has hundreds of artists opening their studio doors to the public. The building, which now has many artists studios was once the Erector Set factory and home to the A.C. Gilbert Company. Guests include open studios participants: Leila Daw, John Arabolos, Kathryn Frund, Lani Asuncion, and Janet Lage, Artspace New Haven Director Helen Kauder and Erector Square Management‘s Kathi Telman.

Live Culture, Episode 19: With A Paddle

Original airdate September 2016.Guest: Artist Scott Schuldt recorded live on the Scantic River in CT. We take a journey and discuss his practice, which involves specimens and artifacts found on his river trips, and the special treasure hunt with them that he has created for the Game-On themed City-Wide-Open-Studios . In addition to his specimen boxes. Scott’s oeuvre also includes hand-made paddles,  beadwork, and an ongoing blog recording his over 700 canoe trips documented in words and pictures. Our voyage was included in his blog: The View From The Canoe and can be read here: More about Scott’s visual art here:
More about 2016’s Game-On themed City-Wide-Open-Studios here:

Live Culture, Episode 18: place and identity

Original airdate August 2016. Guest: artist Abigail Reynolds about her forthcoming film project The Mothers Bones. This episode was recorded live from the boot of Abigail’s car on the coastal cliffs of Cornwall and features selections from the original musical score for her film composed by St Keverne Brass Band leader Gareth Churcher, and played by the band in the Dean Quarry. Don’t miss this special end-of-summer conversation about art, place, time, mythology, industry, and collaboration…

find out more about the film here
find out more about the music
and the St Keverne Brass Band here

Live Culture, Episode 17: summer listening

Original airdate July 2016. This episode is a rebroadcast of Episode 4 from June 2015, which seems at once very relevant to right now and very far in the past indeed. This slice-of-warm-weather show features a conversation with Selby Nimrod, curator and project manager of Art Sites New Haven, an App  which offers interactive maps of public art in the greater New Haven area, and Laura Weir Clarke, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Site Projects, an organization which commissions international artists to do public art projects around the city of New Haven. 

To view the Art sites website and app visit:
To learn more about Site Projects:

Live Culture, Episode 16: Sweet Sixteen

Original airdate June, 2016. This month features a conversation with Author Paula Whyman, recorded at Bryant Park in New York City, about her book You May See a Stranger. More about her can be found at

Live Culture, Episode 15: Installations!

 Original airdate May, 2016. Guests: Artist Vanessa German, preparing her installation i come to do a violence to the lie , for the Wadsworth Atheneum’s  MATRIX series. More about Matrix 174 here . During the second half, Artist Debbie Hesse, about her  project: Sway. Shift: Sea Garden, A community-enhanced installation at the Vauiso Connecticut Greenhouse Growers, in Branford. Please go to for most recent images of work.

Live Culture, Episode 14: Spring Forward!

Original airdate April, 2016. Guests: Author Susan Orlean about her book project with Artist Phillip Taaffe- The Floral Ghost, a project which “unites the literary and the visual, the nostalgic and the optimistic”.  Susan Orlean is the bestselling author of eight books and a staff writer for The New Yorker. More about the floral ghost here. During the second half: Artist and Artspace New Haven Board member Jennifer Burbank, discuss Back To the Future, Artspace New Haven’s annual exhibition, auction, and gala.More information can be found at:

Live Culture, Episode 13: Future Now

Original airdate March, 2016. Guests: Artist Mohamad Hafez about his exhibit Desperate Cargo at Real Art Ways, Hartford, and his efforts to raise awareness of and to aid Syrian refugees. More about Desperate Cargo here. During the second half: Robyn Shapiro, deputy director of the Lowline, a project taking place in Manhattan to create the world’s first underground park. The Lowline proposes innovative solar technology to illuminate the historic Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, just below Delancey Street. More information here.

Live Culture, Episode 12: For Art Lovers

Original airdate February 2016.Guests: Fred Giampietro Director of Giampietro Gallery in New Haven, and Artist Becca Lowry about their participation in the Volta Art Fair in New York. More on Giampietro Gallery here. During the second half: Artist and Curator Peter Konsterlie, Director of  The Schelfhaudt Gallery at the University of Bridgeport to discuss his exhibition Parts is Parts: Assemblage & Collage which featured the work of seven contemporary regional artists working with appropriated images and found objects. More about The Schelfhaudt Gallery here

Live Culture, Episode 11:  Behind the Facade

Original airdate January 2016. Guests: Cyra Levenson, Curator of Education and Academic Outreach, at the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven. More at : During the second half: Artist/Curator Katie Vida  about her show Cut-Up: Contemporary Collage- Histories through a Feminist Lens, at Franklin Street Works in Stamford, Ct. More can be found at:

Live Culture, Episode 10: All The World’s Futures, part 2 

Original airdate December 2015. Recorded live at the Venice Bienalle. Guests: Artist Judi Harvest and her installation Room of Dreams, in the collateral Dialogue of Fire exhibition. For the second half: a discussion with exhibition invigilator Phillip McCrilly and Australian curator/writer Elyse Goldfinch about Sean Lynch‘s Adventure:Capital installation and video representing Ireland at the Arsenale. Lynch’s work was curated by Woodrow Kernohan and features the voice of well-known Irish actress Gina Moxley in the video sequences.

Live Culture, Episode 9: All The World’s Futures, part 1 

Original airdate November 2015.  Guests: Artwise –Dea Vanagan, Susie Allen, Laura Culpan– the curators from the exhibit VITA VITALE at the Azerbaijan Pavilion. In the second half: Francesca Giubilei and Luca Berta, the curators of the Brian Eno/Beezy Bailey collaboration THE SOUND OF CREATION, at the Palazzo Pisani, Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, Venice’s music school. More about VITA VITALE here

Live Culture, Episode 8: Arty Beasts & Talented Monsters

Original airdate October 2015.Guests: The team behind the book 43 Monsters-Artist Chuck Webster, Author Arthur Bradford and Gallerist Katie Michel.During the second half: Author, Composer, and Performer Michael Hearst, About his ongoing project: a CD- Songs for Unusual Creatures, A Book: Unusual Creatures: A Mostly Accurate Account of Some of Earth’s Strangest Animals, and now a digital PBS production. Throughout the program, we have a sampling some of Micheal’s audio animals.

Live Culture, Episode 7: Grand Gestures

Original airdate September 2015: Guests:  Susan L. Talbott, Director and CEO of the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, discusses the museum’s GRAND REOPENING. During the second half: artist/printmaker Roxanne Faber Savage and gallerist Gabriel Da Silva, who, with The Westville Village Renaissance Alliance, talk about their giant steamroller printmaking project.

Live Culture, Episode 6: Poise and Cooperation

Original airdate August 2015. Guests: Jeanne Criscola and Ron Pacacha, members of Friends of the John Slade Ely House (JSEH) who are organizing the efforts to save the art center from being sold- read more about that here. During the second half: Tristan Nielsen, a young circus artist who recently performed in New York as a part of Sequence 8, to find out about his rising career and the daily life of an acrobat. Read The New York Times review of his recent performance is here:

Live Culture, Episode 5: Summer Listening

Original airdate July 2015. Guests: Visual Artist and Gardener Laurie Olinder. This episode features an audio-scape and discussion about the 9th Street Community Garden and Park in the East Village, NYC, which Olinder is deeply involved with.The Gardens’ facebook page is here. More of Laurie’s work can be seen on her website here  and the Phatory Gallery site here

Live Culture, Episode 4: The life of public monuments

Original airdate June 2015. Guests: Selby Nimrod, curator and project manager of Art Sites New Haven, a new App which offers interactive maps of public art in the greater New Haven area, and Laura Weir Clarke, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Site Projects, an organization which commissions international artists to construct public art projects around the city of New Haven. more here: and

Live Culture, Episode 3: Gastrotypographicalassemblage!

Original airdate May 2015. part 1 & part 2 (This show had some technical glitches and has been edited into two parts) Guest: artist and designer Nick Fasciano discusses his epic labor of love, the restoration of Lou Dorfman’s massive 3d mural Gastrotypographicalassemblage. The work was originally installed in 1966 for Eero Saarinen’s CBS Building, known as Blackrock. In 1986 it was destined for the dumpster when Nick hopped in a van and rescued it, and, in 2014, finally placed it in its permanent new home at the Culinary Institute of America, gloriously restored…

Live Culture, Episode 2: Things That Are Appearing/Emerging…

Original airdate April 2015. Guests: Artist/gallerist Ellen Hackl Fagan talks about her exhibit TEXTUAL at her gallery ODETTA in Bushwick. During the second half: Marcus Galen Mitchell, Curator of Programs at NO LONGER EMPTY, and Regine Basha, curator of NLE’s exhibit WHEN YOU CUT INTO THE PRESENT THE FUTURE LEAKS OUT which inhabited the long-abandoned Old Bronx Borough Courthouse. More about ODETTA:  ( More about NO LONGER EMPTY:  (

Live Culture, Episode 1: Things That Are Vanishing

Original airdate March 2015.Guests: Artist Judi Harvest, whose practice involves collaborations with Bees, and with glass blowers on the island of Murano Italy.  During the second half: Paul Clabby, artist and curator at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven, a venerable arts exhibition venue in a historic building, which is slated to close this summer.

For more on the Murano Honeybees please see here: more on Ely House  please see here:


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