Glossary & Index


Glossary & Index is a virtual book, made from a discarded manual on computers: “Teach Yourself PCs in 24 Hours- 2nd Edition”. The glossary and index of the original text were extracted and expanded to include the history of the book (blue) and the history of the computer (red). These “histories” have been purloined off the web and manually scotch-taped in, only to be scanned and then printed out again. The final images are either printed out on translucent paper or viewed on the computer as a slide show.

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Edition of 500, Printed on recycled paper with soy inks in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Shown in the U.K. in the exhibitions New for Old , OVADA gallery, Oxford, and 2015: Dreams, Plans, Visions , The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

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For this project I created a future edition of the local newspaper. This satirized current events, the existing newspaper’s intellectual paucity, and offered local artists the possibility of re-inventing the city through their articles and images.
In addition to local “news” items, the newspaper featured the usual local-paper trappings:
Horoscopes, lonely hearts columns, cooking and recipes, letters to the editor, a puzzle, contest, a book review and cartoons. The paper was partially funded by real advertisements from local businesses offering environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly services.

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Over 20 artists participated, and I designed the paper with graphic designer Ishka Michocka, making this a truly collaborative project.
A hand illuminated and gilded accordion-fold version was shown at OVADA gallery, as pictured above, and later auctioned off.